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Kinda hidden game

March 28, 2007

cgjreaoijgrijoir.jpgIn the pet shop there is a game. It is puffle round up! Most people see it and soe people do not. I have a picture were to find it. It is a easy game it is hard at first but after you get it you will get lots of coins!


New misson

March 27, 2007

New misson! In the HQ there is a new misson I did the misson it was kinda hard so do not worry if you faild.I will post the ansers to the misson soon. For now i have a pic. It is the pic of the coputer you will need to use on the misson.noname555555555555.jpg

New website partner « Club penguin cheats

March 27, 2007

New website partner « Club penguin cheats

Dance with the news paper

March 26, 2007

To dance with the news paper you have to go to a members igloo go by the upright corner open the news and press d you will be dancing with the news!


March 26, 2007

uh6t1.jpgnoname2222.JPGThere are lots of rumors about ninjas on cp well I have tried all the rumors they did not work so I bet ninja OUTFITS or ninja games on cp soon! I have heard mods are ninja the only way to find that out if hack but hacking is bad so DO NOT HACK PLEASE if you are a ninja you are lucky! I went to the dojo today I saw lots of people talking about ninjas! It was pretty cool but know one was really a ninja.I wish ninjas could be real!

I have proof clubpenguin will have ninjas! See the pic. To do that you have to click N in nightclub. If you never saw a picture like this you use well to get to that page go to      or you can go to  to get to the ninja picture you need Look at the one I am floating that is not a ninja thing it is just a thing I know how to do If you want to do the floating thing with out the propeller hat you have to wear nothing only color black and open your player card and put on the hat and then click on some one and then click out and dance!


Cart surfing

March 26, 2007

To go realy fast on cartsurf

1.When you get in the mine make your penguin lime green and when you play cart surf it will go faster!

2. If you play cartsurf wreing the black coler you will go slow.

New website partner

March 26, 2007

Hi! I wanted you to know that Kgirl5 will help me in this web  so she will make lots of cool post! We are friends in real life to so we will make LOTS of posts together almost evry day after school! So respect Kgirl5, Kgirl5s cp username is Kgirl5 so if you know her she helps me!


March 26, 2007

nonameno.JPGAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! Grafitti! I went to the town and I looked at the coffe shop and I saw a line zigy zagy it looked like grafitti so I took a pic I circled the grafitti in red!


How to dance on the speaker

March 26, 2007

me1.GIFHow to dance on the dance club speaker who leads to the pool?

First you have to go to the mountin and open your map when your walking to the bunny when your map is up and it says if you want to play say yes 4 seconds in the game click the town then go to the night club go by the speaker that opens up hold tab and walk on it and dance!

Easy nubbing

March 26, 2007

noname111.pngWhen websites say how to nub its a harder way. I have a vary easy way! I was clicking the chat bar and my mouse clicked the whaite under and my penguin was under the chat bar! Heres how to don it: 1. click and hold the chat bar

2.hold it still and click on the white part under the club penguin screen do it fast your penguin will move under and a tiny part of your head will be there and then sit you can not dsee the head talk it will look like know one is there!

posted by Kmamrosh


March 25, 2007

peng.GIFI go on mammoth server and I have a pic that shows its populer!

ps: Chewit was there!

pss.Chewit dude is not in the pic.

Pizzatron 3000 secrate

March 24, 2007

There is a secrate levelon pizzatron 3000              when the game comes up by the bottom of the machine there is one long lever and it has a red dot at the end so you click on the red dot the lever will swich to the over side then click play and the secrate level is a candy level!

Moon walk?

March 24, 2007

I see lots of people doing the moonwalk. I’ts a cool trick!If you want to learn how to do it theres a vedio on Youtube.

Edit other peoples igloos

March 24, 2007

To edit other peoples igloo you have to be an angent to do this first go to your igloo and click on the tape mesure and go to your spy phone teleport anywere and and go to a member igloo and click on a peice of furniter and you could move it.


Sit on water at the dock

March 24, 2007

To sit on water at the dock you need to go on the dock by the tube the click any tiny hole with water by the boat and sit you will see some water still arond you and it will look like your on water!