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Pixel penguins not really.

April 30, 2007

You know pixel penguins? Wanna get one on the page pixel penguins you can see some their edited . we will post your penguin you can copy it for your site just say its from our site tho and to do it we need you user name ANY ITEM even FAKE items like a white hoodie and ninja outfit and yellow cape and stuff like that! Go to the page pixel penguins for some


Messy room!

April 29, 2007

Ok rockhopper left a note on the door saying he will open the door when he cleans up his room! I cant wait till that happens!


April 29, 2007

Hey it was earth day a little while ago! Get off the computer (if your not sick!) And go out side and play! Have some fun enjoy the summer (depends if it is summer were you live) so take like at least an 4 hour break then you can go back on you know holagurrl was right cp is NOT our life but you can still play this game and make websites just dont play this 24/7! well hope you like reminder!

(not to say were ganna quit we are still keeping this lol wat do ya think were holagurrl)





Ok ok some changes,

April 28, 2007

Ok here are some changes we wanted to change like the header and the side bar! So those are our new things if you Don’t like the changes please tell us!

Stay fresh


Our anamation!!!!!!!!!

April 28, 2007

We all tryd REALLY hard to make this anamtion Its a puffle one you can find the anamation at the page funny pictures! Heres the anamation. Look for more anamations at the page Funny pictures on our website (this site) Heres the anamation!


Rockhopper’s landing!

April 27, 2007

Today Rockhopper came back (Kgirl and Alaina sorry I wasnt at school I was sick) Rockhoppers ship is upgraded with another story so instead of just going to his ship and click on the thing were his items was you put your mouse over that bord and click then you will pop up in the room under his ship there is lots of cool items like a puffle bandana for free and a sailor hat at the Plaza and much more cool things the pin is at the ski vilage in a traesure box click it and it will drop down its a ruby pin! Almost evrything is decorated! Its sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool!!!! Here are some pics of me and kgirl we still have to download a camra 4 alaina.




rock hopper ship

April 25, 2007

rock hopper is coming soon on clubpenguin in two days.if u look in the tellascope you will see his ship.

Holagurrl25 MIGHT quit!

April 24, 2007

Hola might quit read her post! I dont agree Im not a famous penguin I dont care!Well I like to help people! So dont listen to her dont quit cp or your blogs. Go to her site she said it

Stay fresh!

Kmamrosh, kgirl and alaina

Rock Hopper

April 23, 2007

Rock Hopper has his own website go on it’s called is also is having a party on clubpenguin with a other bunch of pirates on April 27,2007.Rock Hopper might come back with alout of things.In three days he is coming back.I think there might be girl and boy pirates.I’m pretty exited myself.Kmamrosh is not pn right now just Alaina137.

Hi our fist video posted yay!

April 23, 2007

Here is a video we made! Its really blurry tho it wasnt hard we want to get a new camra to download on all of our computers!

Hola hacked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

April 23, 2007

Hi I went to Holagurrl25 site and she got hacked all her stuff is deleted and there some meen post about holagurrl! Really Heres her site: It used to be VARY VARY good now look!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WAddle on, alaina


Big glitches!

April 22, 2007

OK here are some glithches:

Kgirls big glitches

I was going out of the night club when i went to the town a peice of the dance floor was at the town! I was getting out of cp and not logging of and i clicked the x and part of cp was still up!

Kmamrosh’s big glitches!

I moon walked with out cp trainer my penguin was frozen and i tried to walk and it looked like i was moonwalking and people saw me too! lol
I just loged in and i clicked on a penguin who had the army backround and i clicked on my penguin and it had the army backround and i dont own the army back round!!!! I was putting on my snorkel on cp and i clicked on my snow flake mask and it worked it stayed….
I was putting on the purple hoodie and i clicked on the pirate belt and it stayed with the purple hoodie! I was feeding my puffle and i clicked on the play sighn and my puffle was eating and the puffles ball was bouncing in MID air a ghost puffle! ps: Thease probly wont work with out having a problem with cp!

Alainas gliches:

She did not see any BIG gliches yet only moon walikng.


April 21, 2007

Hi this is kgirl, me and kmamrosh have an announcement it is that Alaina137 will join our site she is VARY nice and helpful so in some pics she will be on there!

heres a pic of her:coolio.jpg


April 21, 2007

I was at a war and i saw the TFSP the thing me and kgirl made up and they said that a nother person was the leader and we made it up!!!!so if you see people with green hats piret belt and a cape they are inposters like this person.


Trust me this is the real outfit:



April 20, 2007

Today me and kgirl desided we should make a fake billybob! We did we edited it really good we even got the mod sign! Tell us if its good anoth and looks real!

Heres the pic hope you like it!


Heres another edit not as good its not vary good as the billybob one well this one is still OK a little choppymodhappyy777.jpg.