Er ghosts?


Sorry to change the subject but I was over at Linusjb’s house and she showed me a ghost pic that she tooka REAL one so we took a picture and we got another one its scary so put down your ideas what you think about ghosts are they real or fake?
You can’t prove there real or fake because if you havent seen a ghost how do you have proof ay?
So you can’t prove that! Can you I have seen sitings of ghost alaina has and kgirl we all saw sittings i was looking up and here are some pics


see? Here are more and dont think im like a maniac or crazy!


Swweeet huh?





Stay fresh

Ps: We will gte back on the subject of cp


2 Responses to “Er ghosts?”

  1. edugan Says:


  2. zoe30000 Says:

    i seen shows about ghosts haunted hotels and stuff but this is sthairt down freaky! actully catching gohsts on camera1 i have seen one i think well i was 5 and i was sleeping in my dads bedroom and we left the tv on and i opene my eyes at like 2 am and a saw a white thing slither across the tv ghosts are freaky man!

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