Hmmm maby maby not! party?


Thanks to chewit i rememberd that its 3 more days till my birthday so im thinking for the time and all and the other partys i promised so i will make them but one thing you gatta help us out you have to help us advertise our site and then we will have a HEEEUGE update here more funny pics movies more pics headers pixel penguins and other things so help us out and we will e-mail cp and ya so help and yea and theres MIGHT be 3 upcoming partys im shure my birthday will come and you can be ALLL of our buddies 🙂

Stay fresh
Kmamrosh, kgirl and alaina


One Response to “Hmmm maby maby not! party?”

  1. zoe3000 Says:

    kmamrosh ia m so sorry i missed it but we were gone all day i went quading and stuff and i do not have a laptop and i had a little trouble writing because i fractured my wrist a little

    Editors comment: Its ok dont worry everey one doesn’t have time every second.

    stay fresh

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