Vital Viper???


I was looking at the map for some igloo when I saw vital vipers up I went there and a HEUGEEEEEEEE crowd was there


heres a pic


No edit

Is the realllllllllly vital viper lol

and why is he sooooooooo famouse

Stay fresh



7 Responses to “Vital Viper???”

  1. cpcoke456 Says:

    its a fake vital viper with cptrainer3 the real vital viper is a mod

  2. concon54 Says:

    no hes not

  3. terboengine Says:

    he is not a mod and i am in that picture

  4. cpcoke456 Says:

    go to its a video of this

  5. agent793 Says:

    i saw em too and i dont hte he was talking AT ALL.


  6. edugan Says:

    that is crouded

  7. isis53 Says:

    its very good for ur fried sweetlikehoney

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