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Videos I made

August 31, 2007

Here are 2 movies I made that i posted on youtube! only two tho i hope to make more! Soon i will and I will poste them,

Here I hope it works

Stay fresh




August 28, 2007

Sorry that I have not been on wordpress I just do not go on clubpenguin that much but I will when school starts because kgirl and kmamrosh last year we talked about it all the time. So yeah if you kmamrosh read this and call me!!!

Stay fresh,


Err,. Inportant post…

August 26, 2007

Ok… I am not going to be on WORDPRESS much any more only to ceck up on Lizys clubpenguin and write somethings on here about the partys and some cheats that i find out

I will be on my piczo way more now its

Its that wordpress is really stressing with evryone saying make more cheats and haveing 30 comments evryday.

I WILL be on clubpenguin like evryday for like 4 ours as usaly lol

and my piczo and I will check up on wordpress evryweek or so…


These are the CP sites I will be on ALOT



make shure you go to muh piczo

Laterz and Toodles and most inporantanly

Stay fresh 😀


The camping party!

August 24, 2007

Well here comes the camping party!!!!!!!! Its soo cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Thats the 1 free item!

Hope you owllow the trail to campenguin!

Stay fresh



August 22, 2007

You know froob cakes? a really bad penguin and he hacks now! and also Froobcakes is my  brother…. Ya i tell him to stop but he wont he s 13 so ya… So I go on cp and Froobcakes is on and know one besides 2 of my friends know his pass so i was all like are u Skywalker90 and he was all like know and i was like are u kookoo98 he was like know and I was like who are u then and then he made the mad sighn and got off so I told my froobcakes (my brother) someones on your penguinand he said I dont care so I was all like okay?

Okay froobcakes is my brother and he hacks,

I do NOT hack  but he does

but my dad made him stop


So ya and ya

and froobcakes (My brother) doesnt really go on anymore… but he still does sometimes….

 I always say to him “Stop hacking and stop being bad on your penguin!” and hes alllike “Chill im not that bad” and ya

So now you all know Froobcakes (The badest penguin ever) is my brother 😦

 Thats how I knew about froobcakes,

Dont hack

Stay fresh


No ipod penguin anymorez

August 22, 2007

Im closing don the ipod penguin,Sorry, I had like 20 orders evryday and I cant keep up so Im gannna close the ipod penguin page.

Stay fresh


rockhoppers Mysteriouse gift and the purple outopus

August 22, 2007

just-k.jpgOk i know edugan already posted that rockhoper droped off a box in the light house; but anyways I onder what it is It might be a puffle but wouldn’t a puffle like jumpout cuz puffles get pretty hyper?!? or it could be a item orrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Maby a map that leads to a diffrant island. comment what you think what might be in the box!

I am also on to regard the mysteriouse purple octopus in many picture and maps on cp look what-ev.jpg



Stay fresh


Frozen On Frozen ( and more )

August 18, 2007


Look At this It is Super Weird: Sorry its up o and rockhopper came.

& broght A gift. Picz Are on the Top.

Funature Catolog:

Laterns ( 175$ )

Stump Chair ( 50$ )

Picnic Table ( 800$ )

Camping Chair ( 250$ )

Fire Pit. ( 200$ )

Thats All for now

Stay Fresh 🙂



August 17, 2007

Oh ma gawsh!!!!!!!!!! I was on my penguin and I went to the mine and my computer shut of so when I got back on I was getting kgirl the new items so i went on hers and I went to the mine for the pin and so I go on my penguin and go to the mine and kgirls there!… Look at the pics        

what.jpg and….  cant.jpg 


creepy huh?

Stay fresh


Rockhoppers back (Again)

August 17, 2007

Lol rockhopper came again the new free item is the parrot and the pin is a tent located in the mine! The NEW igloo is a tent to I might get it! lol okay and uh if you go to the light house theres a note from rockhopper then under the note theres a box.

Okay ill post the furniter later!
 Stay fresh



August 14, 2007

This is Kmamrosh well duh lol

OKay im back and I have been REALLY busy! Ive had my cousins over and one of my best friends broke there ankel!

so I have been busy

But I promise ill will make a party for like our 18,000 hit or somthing

Okay im so sorry for me not being there cuz I just had 100 comeents to moderate just now

Stay fresh


Away For Half a Day

August 12, 2007

hello Edugan here

Well today i off for half a day.cause i am going to see my FAVORITE SOCCER PLAYER David Backham.

I am Super nerves. ” i got nerver ”  lol form Hannah Montanna.

well i hope it goes well

Stay fresh:)


NEW Misson

August 9, 2007

 here they are

1. Talk to G until you can ask him:Where is the Life Preserver? then he will open the Gadget Room.
2. In the Gadget Room pick up the Life Preserver on the shelf and place it in your inventory (look around for it).
3. Enter the Ski Lodge and pick up the Fishing Rod near the Ice Fishing Door and place it in your inventory.
4. Head to the Lighthouse and place the Rope near the lifeboat in your inventory.
5. Put the three items you have found so far into one slot to combine them into one.
6. Head to the Sports Shop and take the Pirate’s Belt from the Green Penguin Statue and place it into your inventory.
7. Go to the Ski Village and there is a brown penguin crying because the Ski Lift is broken. Talk to the penguin, then click on the Ski Lift.
8. Place the Pirate’s Belt onto the Ski Lift to fix it.
9. Pick up the White Fibers on the floor near the Ski Lift where the brown penguin is now dancing.
10. Go to the Lighthouse Beacon and use the Wrench in the Spy Phone to unscrew the Telescope and place it into your inventory.
11. Go to the Sports Shop and head up the stairs to G’s Room.
12. Place the Telescope on the Tripod near the second window on the right. Find out which path you have to take to get down to the bottom of the mountain through the maze   it’s different each time you do the mission

13. Head to the Mountain and go down the Ridge Run trail the sledding slope on the far left

14. You have to follow a path down the Ridge Run track which is different each time you do the mission. So either just keep guessing until you get it right or look at the Telescope and find the path.

15. Once at the bottom you’ll see a cliff. Take out the Life Preserver Launcher Rod and click the cliff.
16. Destroy the branch on the far right by launching the launcher at it. Grab the First Penguin on the little branch in the middle. Then grab the next penguin on the ledge. Drop one of the penguins on the little branch again and use the other one to grab the penguin far under the branch. Then grab the one on the little branch and drop all three on the ledge with the rock on the far left and they will push the rock down. Grab all three penguins once they push the rock down and drop down to grab the last one at the very bottom. Now you’ve rescued all the penguins!
17. Back at the Mountain talk to G and hand him the Fiber’s to finish the mission.

 stay fresh



August 8, 2007

I think I found a new cheat you see my membership got expierd and it said every member stuff would be in storage until I am a membe.But I had a purple puffle and its still there you can feed it and every thing!!!!

stay fresh,


Waddle world ideas

August 6, 2007

Who knows waddle world well its like the new clubpenguin and you can be a beta and send in graphics and pics

Here are some of my ideas for waddle world





Stay fresh