Ok like ya


Um like I probly wont like make another post gain ever cuz like I posted the lolipop thing and pple were like its not a hack but that post was old befor there was a cheat to get the lolipop! Im like so tired of pple bugging me!!!Im like in 4rth grade I can handle my self jeez!So     yeah. I will b on my piczo cuz I think piczo is way cooler than wordpress!!!! But thats my opinon and alay (alaina) she might make a piczo taht has cheats but I think cheats are like pretty lame for me now but you can still have cheats and stuff on ur site like if anyone cares because like when holagurrl quit evryone else quited but when I quit the only thing i get is “THE LOLIPOP ISMNT A HACK GEOSH” ya that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and I hate modertaing comments so If alaina,kgirl and edugan say Im ganna deleet this site…

Rememba muh piczos at www.kmamrosh.piczo.com and www.freewebs.com/warriorcat1998/



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