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Joining again?INPORTENT POST!

March 25, 2008

Yes, you might see me on clubpenguin again… I am re-joining. I might be a member in like today or in a couple days.  I am very bored so I guess thats what I should do. Um… But I won’t be joining any cp-cheats wordpress junk… I will be on on meebo alot and updayting and finding cool crafts, I will also Update my piczo even though everyone dissapeard I still want to go on and meet some new people. Make shure you say HIYA KMAM and ask to be my buddy 🙂




March 23, 2008

Hi its kmamrosh I quit clubpenguin and joined whyville my user is Kayyy999

On stardoll I am star_GAL101

My new non-cp site is

I like orange juice lol

Umm yah.. I wont be on this site and I deleted some comments that swore those stupid people that sware arent they crazy swaring on 9 and 10 yr old’s sites? Jeezzz! I want to join lizzy’sclubpenguin soo bad LOL! Im just bored always. Umm I am taking figure skating now so I am super happy, lol off topic. All my wordpress friend I obandond to go on piczo and become super populer I am like soosoosososo sorry 😦

lol um tote ally awesome my new site is. Ummm .. Gosh… I miss clubpenguin, Did I say that out load?

Club penguin was so awesoem and fun and origanal I WANNA RE JOIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Umm… I umm… WHO LIKES ORANGE JUICE I DO! Oh I like sunny d and um yah I got 42 peices of candy from easter

Well g2g

Bye bye