About Kmamrosh

Hi Im kmamrosh I go on either Mammoth server, or husky both in america or even big surf in another flag,

My main out fits I have on are

Hula skirt, Life guard whistle, sandels and the pirate banndana I were the color pink lime green and blue alot and I some times walk my black puffle boots

I might were the black hoodie or uma out fit and color matching out fits 🙂 or I were a out fit from a REALLY new catalog

I were the ice pin or any new pins

I like the surf backround and the blue with white swirls on

Im a memebr

I like writing, Skate bording music and club penguin

I have medium brown kinda wavy hair hazel eyes and under wait

I like to write alot and I LOVE skatbording

Im kinda a tom boy Im soo not a girly girl

I like the channel disney and animal planet

I like exploring in my back yard Ilike bugs alot

When pple on cp are  mad and runaway try ing to make me follow them I dont I go off and leave them cause its annyoing I hang around kookoo98 kgirl5, ALAINA137 , coke456, edugan and zoe3000 and  other cool pple I like to find out cheats alot i always have the updates well

Stay fresh



6 Responses to “About Kmamrosh”

  1. Edugan Says:

    cool!thx for putting my name on there

  2. A Z Smith Says:

    Hey kmamrosh,
    We are buddys. I was wondering if u could put me on the list! -A Z Smith

  3. birshi Says:

    i like skateboarding too! Are you good at it? i am!

    But im a boy!

    learn more about me! on my email or website!

    email: colin365.ryan@Gmail.com

    website: http://birshi.wordpress.com/

    -Birshi BOMB

  4. birshi Says:

    oh yeah heres my cp site



    -Birshi BOMB

  5. birshi Says:

    Wow your 8 years? im 11!

    -Birshi BOMB!

  6. Blubber K Says:

    Hi! I like your site. I can add you to my blogroll if you want.

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