About Kmamrosh and kgirl5 and alaina137

Kmamrosh goes on mammoth in america you can find Kmamrosh at the dock the dojo the HQ or you can see her just waddling around she might be working on this website at the same time. You will see her alot with other penguins like vollykiki,Kgirl5,Kookoo98,kyra,suerback,fergiefans,and other of her good friends Kgirl 5 is like kmamrosh only kgirl is not a member. kgirl is 9 kmamrosh will soon turn 9 years old they are good friends kgirl goes to the dojo dock hq and she waddles around too allot you will see kmamrosh with kgirl or kookoo98 alot kookoo98 will be are site monitor . Alaina137 also gos on mammoth or husky thats kgirl kmamrosh fave server.and there modo is stay freash.


5 Responses to “About Kmamrosh and kgirl5 and alaina137”

  1. kmamrosh Says:

    Hi evryone

  2. tenis346 Says:


    Editors comment: Sorry I couldent get you on my page that say my people on my buddy list I did but some how it didn’t show up my computers wierd sometimes it has viruses. And kgirl has LOTS of viruses because she can berly move on cp and says shes doing hacks but her computer is so slow that it messes up clubpenguin and stuff its crazy.
    Stay fresh 🙂

  3. cowboy123j Says:

    wut is a money cheat for zwinky?

  4. Bryce Says:

    Hi Can you e mail me at bislandlakep@hotmail.com plz and if you know any cheats for clubpenguin tell me them plz

  5. vane Says:

    hi my name in club penguin its lupiis! i was a member but now its over but go zwinky its better!!! just tell ure 13 n thats all

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