This is just a chat page chat about anything no personal info or cursing or swaring or saying anybad stuff, Ok? We hope you agree if you do those things we can edit the coment ! well anyways,,,,

Stay Fresh


10 Responses to “Chat”

  1. kmamrosh Says:

    chat chat chat chat chat chat chat chat

    EDitors comment editing the editors comment: Hi kmamrosh Im editing the editors comment!

  2. nlsnrshd Says:

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  3. nlsnrshd Says:

  4. tovorinok Says:


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  5. skyking150 Says:

  6. happypiggy8 Says:

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  7. Snow949 Says:

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  8. bugmonkey22 Says:

    DONT READ THIS IF YOU DONT WANT ANY TROUBLE! In 1996, a girl named Meghan Holds was walking home from school in Kansas. A murderer walked up to her, stabbed her back, and ripped off her arms and legs. The only remains of her body were hear hair, her heart, and the things in the backpack. the other body parts disappeared. If you dont post this to 6 other blogs in 183 minutes, hear body parts will appear around your house for the next ten yours. This works, her body parts have been scattered around my cousins for at least a year now. It’s really horrifing. I told you not to read this if you didnt want any trouble.

    [sorry people this thing scared me, i had to post it on other blogs!]

  9. icyo Says:

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  10. Skywalker90 Says:

    hi Kmamrosh,


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