Comics 2

here are some comics we made please give us your ideas also and we might make them specail thanks to snow949 for giving me the idea to make comics

I saw patrick and sponge bob : comic.png

Fourth or july or canada day: fourth.png


Mod yea right!:


Stay fresh

kgirl5, kmamrosh , edugan and Alaina137

8 Responses to “Comics 2”

  1. edugan Says:


  2. piplup Says:


  3. R2DP (a.k.a cpfanatic) Says:

    lol ur good

  4. Josephine323 Says:

    go to my site. it has lots of games, fun stuff, and club penguin tips. its:

  5. Snow949 Says:

    Cool comics i make em too as you know but now on paint like that. i can only make headers 4 my header buisness on paint nothing else!

  6. R2DP (a.k.a cpfanatic) Says:


  7. edugan Says:

    Hahah Lol

  8. dolphin1145 Says:

    pixel that 😎
    um juanfransiscos are πŸ™„ dunno if that works

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