Pictures of random penguin

Ok, The title sounds wierd but my idea is kinda cool! So I made a picture place at my igloo and I got pictures of penguins. If you want to do that u can find me or kgirl at husky or mammoth if i am on my igloo is usaly on the map , sometimes kgirl is there. The time to get the pictures is like after school in wisconsin time at like 5:00 or like 4:00 I will get your picture on here. I will pick some penguins for Me and K girls hall of fame! So have fun go to my igloo and enter our penguin hall of fame!!!!!!!!!

.jpgSorry to what penguin I do not like the outfit.Its like tooo girly even though me and kgirl are girl we do not dress like that! (No affense)reworkaw.jpgI like this persons hat peopel were cwording around him just cause his hat! He might be a hall of fammer! Congrats benoit!


9 Responses to “Pictures of random penguin”

  1. NICKMAN NAW Says:

    h3llo mat3s wuz up

  2. NICKMAN NAW Says:


  3. NICKMAN NAW Says:

    h3llo im numba 1

  4. kmamrosh Says:


  5. dn4296 Says:

    benoit is a beta tester. he was one of the very first people to play club penguin!

  6. dn4296 Says:

    also if u see little wolf he is a beta tester too!

  7. zoe3000 Says:

    go to annd look at my best post yet

  8. R2DP (a.k.a cpfanatic) Says:

    mace (billybob’s test penguin) is a beta

  9. kmamrosh Says:

    I know

    Stay fresh

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