Pixel penguins version 0.6

Please read befor ordering!

This is a page for pixel penguin orders!

This is an example of one :


Here are the colors and backround and puffles


Here are clothes optians


You have to includ: Penguin color or puffle or backround

Penguin name

and the clothes

Finished pixel penguins:

Kmamrosh: meee.png

Aknowles: ak1.png

Edugan: edugan.png

Ice drills: ice-drills.png

Kmamrosh2: kmamrosh2.png

Zoe3000 : zoe.png

Stay fresh

Kmamrosh, Kgirl5, alaina137 and Edugan


35 Responses to “Pixel penguins version 0.6”

  1. kmamrosh Says:

    There are some of kgirl and alaina coming soon!

  2. cpfanatic Says:


  3. Edugan Says:

    i love my penguin!!!!!!

    Editors comment: Thanks It was a peice of cake πŸ™‚

  4. Edugan Says:

    i cant stand that pink hoddie I love it

  5. kmamrosh Says:

    New version!

    Stay fresh

  6. go dx Says:

    can i have a black penguin hockey stick black hoodiered vicking helmet spy googles and black shoes beach background name go dx

    Editors comment: I can get your orders when I get back from my vaction

    Stay fresh
    Ps: kgirl or alaina cant get your orders either

  7. zoe30000 Says:

    i had this program it so fun! this my fav one i made and i want it made for my wordpress coming soon so i want the blue swimsuit next thelife vest that should go over it and the flippers and the floties and make a summer penguin to use over the summer and after that my mom willl have my coumpter set up ( i just mooved to thousand oaks ) and i can total donlwand any thing i want on it lol i made up a signutre like you did kmamrosh
    stay waddiling but till then L8R,

    Editors comment:What is your site I neverr been there befor 😦
    Stay fresh

  8. cocker spaniel Says:

    kmamrosh if you look a little closer i explaeind i did not actiate it yet my mom has to set up my coumpter get the wordpresss email i have to learn how to do it and yeah it not finshed and not allowed to go on yet bu it will be zoe3000.wordpress.com and i might make you a mod you like one of my bff faumos ppl and if you add me to your blogroll ande byddy list page you will be a mod and a adim lol i like talking meet me on club penguin on wendsay at 4 o clock penguin time then i willl be on mammothh at the docks ps i love your site and header

  9. cocker spaniel Says:

    stay waddilng L8R,
    too talkitif even on profile zoe30000 8) πŸ˜‰ 8) πŸ˜‰ 8) 😦 turn that upside down (:

  10. zoe30000 Says:

    opps agan

  11. zoe30000 Says:

    kmamrosh cocker spaniel is me i am part if the sercet dog club and that is my user name so i can get umlinted access in so sorry plz post the commets by cocker spainel

  12. zoe30000 Says:

    hwy kmamrosh i came up with a idea if you ever post something a miss something i will l make a comment post about you not knowing it and giving them whatever you missed

  13. zoe30000 Says:

    i can go onwordpress wahh whoo! i gonna start blogging in will commet agsin asap if you want to go on it

  14. zoe3000 Says:

    ok kammi it is zoe3000.wordpress.com go on it i am making like ten posts alreadey

  15. zoe3000 Says:


  16. R2DP (a.k.a cpfanatic) Says:

    those ones are pretty cool lol

  17. zoe3000 Says:

    i will start a bussiness like this two it will be good

  18. concon54 Says:

    oh kmamrosh is on my list

  19. concon54 Says:


  20. piplup Says:


  21. Aknowles Says:

    Hi Kmamie.
    I am a friend of edugan, OK what i want i want is:
    The 2 backround,Yellow Puffle,the co.lor brown,purple hoodie,pink cow girl hat,friend ship, braclet,flip flops, blue scafr.

  22. edugan Says:


  23. kmamrosh Says:

    Aknowles I hope you like it!!!!!

    You can have as many penguin as you want

    Stay fresh

  24. ice drills Says:



  25. edugan Says:

    Hi kmamie!
    CAn i have a Yellow Penguin, Yellow Puffle, the American Flag ( 2 ),Pink hoodie,Red Baceball hat,Friend ship Braclet,flip flops,And Pearls.
    Thanks Kmamie!

  26. edugan Says:

    thanks Kmam! they are cute.

  27. ice drills Says:

    thnx kmam

  28. zoe300 Says:

    Ill have 1 πŸ™‚ I want the american flag nunral 2 pink dress body tiara head
    pink ballet feet
    pearl necklace color pink

  29. Blubber K Says:

    Can I have a purple penguin with a purple hoodie, and a friendship bracelet. Also, can I have a blue puffle and a red puffle? Can the background be Canadian? How many Pixel Penguins can you get? Thank you!

  30. Blubber K Says:

    Do you know if mine wil be done soon?

  31. Mboy6 Says:

    Can i please have a pixel penguin with the American Flag Background, A Yellow Puffle, A black Hoodie,a black penguin,a red propellor cap,a hockey stick,pirate boots,and green sunglasses?

  32. Xbox3604 Says:

    can i have 1

    australia flag
    black hoddie
    black penguin
    gold viking helmate
    yellow puffle
    hockey stick

    my email is solyboy@gmail.com
    and can u play as u pixle penguin

  33. bugmonkey22 Says:

    DONT READ THIS IF YOU DONT WANT ANY TROUBLE! In 1996, a girl named Meghan Holds was walking home from school in Kansas. A murderer walked up to her, stabbed her back, and ripped off her arms and legs. The only remains of her body were hear hair, her heart, and the things in the backpack. the other body parts disappeared. If you dont post this to 6 other blogs in 183 minutes, hear body parts will appear around your house for the next ten yours. This works, her body parts have been scattered around my cousins for at least a year now. It’s really horrifing. I told you not to read this if you didnt want any trouble.

    [sorry people this thing scared me, i had to post it on other blogs!]

  34. Blubber K Says:

    Please finish mine! I don’t want you to quit!

  35. Jduck9 Says:

    can i please have a light pink penguin with a light pink puffle and pink hoodie?

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